Thursday, August 16, 2012

SWTOR F2P (Free to play) beginning of the end?

While I am waiting for yet another unscheduled server maintenance, I decided to look back on my experiences on  last few months of SWTOR.

I have to admit that I have really enjoyed playing SWTOR. I didn't start off with a very high expectation with all the negativity in the forums and  fan sites. I expected to play it for 3 months then move on to something else. But SWTOR had kept my interests for nearly twice my original estimated.

However, after nearly 5 months I begin to loss interest in the game. Many of the original complaints about lack of end-games contents and numerous unscheduled maintenances begin to take their tolls.

Don't get me wrong I still find it a very good MMO. But Bioware and EA really need to do a lot more work on it if they wish to compete with the current giant WoW and new MMOs that are to be release like GW2.

For me there is a serious lack of end-game contents. With only 4 PVP war zones and 3 operations (raids), it is not going to keep my interests in the game for long. Sad to say I am a bit bored with it.

Bioware recently announced new contents and SWTOR going F2P. To me it sounded like it is giving up. The new contents are no where near enough to keep the fans happy for long. Maybe another 2 to 3 weeks of gameplay for a casual gamer and a week for a hardcore?

Most MMO only become F2P at the end of its life cycle. It is sad to see SWTOR go this way in less than a year of its release. However, this is good news for the people who haven't try it. The free play up to level 50 is no doubt in my mind the best of SWTOR has to offer and you can now experience it free of charge.

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